A Smart Way to Enjoy Your Weekend and Save Money

If you are thinking to have a good time with friends, going to the movies is a fantastic way to spend your evening on your weekend. The thing is that it will cost you a lot of money. Not only that you pay for the tickets at the movie theater, but you will pay for the popcorn, the soda, the peanuts or some other snacks to satisfy those cravings you have because your nose is perceiving that something smelly is watering your mouth. And guess what, when the movie finishes everybody will still be hungry. Then you and your friends decide to go to a restaurant.

If you are living on your paycheck and paying debts, you can do that once in a while, but not very frequently. Specially if you have kids or you have a group of friends and not all of them have a promising job.

I found a way to save some money and still enjoy the weekend. If you download a movie on the internet and pass it to a DVD, you can watch it on your TV. Then, you can have some seeds, buttered popcorn or kettle chips and a sauce you like. Next, you can prepare some sandwiches, order some Chinese food or a pizza, buy a bottle of your favorite beverage and invite some friends this weekend and lay in your comfortable couch to watch the movie you downloaded. Let them bring something to share. Next weekend, somebody else will invite you to her/his place. If you decide to stay with the people you feel good with, I am sure you will enjoy the night and save some bucks.

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