Add a Flavor to Your Music

 The non Spanish speakers probably know already what bailando means. For the ones who do not know, bailando means dancing. But do they also know what “Una noche loca” means? If you are a fan of the spaniard singer Enrique Iglesias and do not know Spanish, you are enjoying his music but you are missing the flavor, the seasoning, “the sabor!” This song is great in English, but it is even better in Spanish. It is a mixture of the folk dance with the European attitude from Spain to the sound of castañuelas and guitars, Olé y Olé and the latin spice from the Caribbean. You can perceive the different accents when they sing in Spanish, it is like one more instrument, making the song really enjoyable.

I would suggest to all Enrique Iglesias’s fans, as the ones who would like to learn a second language, to take a step further and learn the beauty of the Spanish language. You would not regret it. Besides, learning a second language not only gives you a new knowledge, but provides you new opportunities for meeting Spanish friends or getting better jobs or finding a Spanish partner for your new business. But in this case, one needs to be very careful. This reminds me a joke:

|”An American and a Mexican who were enjoying in a bungee jumping  decided to put a business together. They got their money from the bank and they initiated the partnership to put a business in Mexico. After all paperwork was ready, they bought the elastic cords and everything needed to construct a big tower and they went to find a place to initiate its construction. In the meantime a lot of people were gathering to see all they were doing. When they finished, they decided to do a demonstration to a big congregation at the bottom.

The American wanted to jump first from the tower down while the Mexican waits at the top. The elastic cord stretches to the maximum and then it is being pulled back. The American comes back to the top with some scratches in his face. The Mexican was worried and tried to hold him, but failed. Again, the American jumped and the cord stretched one more time, while the people started screaming and some of them began singing. When he came back, the Mexican noticed that he is bruised and bleeding. He tried to hold him again with no luck. The American went down again. When he is up, the Mexican can finally hold him tight so that he does not jump again. He noticed that the American comes with some broken bones, with blood all over and the people down were screaming even more. The Mexican was desperate seeing the condition of his partner and asked him promptly: What happened? Was the cord too long?

The American said: Oh! no, the cord was fine. But WHAT THE HELL IS LA PIÑATA?”

“La piñata” is a decorated basket full of candies that is hanging to a certain distance from the floor, while the children hit it with the eyes blinded and a stick in their hands till they break it. I think that guy learned to know what the piñata was, the hard way.

Learn Spanish, por favor!

Ah! by the way, in the Enrique Iglesias’ song Bailando, the “Una noche loca” lyrics mean “One crazy night.”


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